Virus removal & Optimization

Devirus is the ideal key to the integrity and protection of information.

Viruses are created to read, modify, and disseminate information from your computer so that it can be used later for various purposes.

Install Windows 10 operating system or refresh current operating system

The Windows installation package includes the original and licensed operating system, physical cleaning of the device, installation of the necessary drivers for the operation of all components, and installation of basic programs for everyday use.

upgrade your system for extra speed and performance

Whether you want better performance from your computer or to replace defective parts with better ones, the WeSoftware team provides upgrades at great prices, offering free advice on choosing components and other important information such as their compatibility.
When you want to upgrade a system, there are certain components that can be replaced with more powerful ones, although it is not necessary to replace all the components, this being the customer’s choice according to need and budget.
Unlike a laptop, a desktop pc can be improved much more easily by replacing certain key components with more powerful ones, a much more complicated operation and sometimes impossible for laptops.

Choose Computers, Laptop Refurbished with 3 Year Warranty.
Save 40% and get a Free Microsoft Refurbished License!

A rolled but quality product, or a new one? (we also sell new products)

We all know that you can buy used Volkswagen, Audi, BMW or Mercedes models, with warranty, at about the same value as a new Dacia. The explanation is that BMW or Mercedes are used products and for this reason their price is reduced by 30% – 60% compared to a new BMW or Merecedes.

We meet the same situation by comparing a new computer or laptop, assembled from components in Romania, with a refurbished one, assembled to the quality standard imposed by the brand under which it is sold.

What would you choose? A new Dacia or a used Volkswagen, Audi, BMW or Mercedes? New and cheap computer or run product, but much more reliable and quality?


A good gaming computer can make the difference when we need performance and the video card and the processor are probably the most important aspects. Unlike a user-made game configuration, branded gaming systems are designed for maximum component compatibility and are tested before being launched on the market.
This means that you will not have much problems after various bios or driver updates and everything will work at normal parameters for a long time. In terms of performance, the processor and the video card are the most important components.
Most top gaming PCs use state-of-the-art Intel core i7 processors.
K variants of processors (eg i7-9700K) are easily overclockable, especially since many motherboards of such systems offer this possibility.
Gaming systems with core i5 processors are in the mid-range category and also offer quite high performance. I3 models instead are geared towards games without too many requirements.

Sisteme gaming de tip brand sau personalizate


Configurations for all budgets, with the latest platforms. The WeSoftware team is with you step by step to discover the gamer in you! Do you want more FPS or do you want to give a boost to your game in the future?
No problem !.
Any platform on which we build the system, guarantees you an efficient way to upgrade even in the future, without you will need to replace other key components.
A smartly configured system will easily support more powerful components in the future, even if your budget has been limited now.


We ensure the assembly and testing of any gaming system purchased from us before being handed over to the customer.
The warranty of the components varies between 3-5 years, depending on the brand.