SEO services - Website optimization for search engines

SEO means a visible and effective presence in search engines, which helps to increase sales, profitability, but also to streamline customer costs by targeting correctly.

The key to online marketing - SEO

What is SEO ?

The notion of SEO appeared in the 90’s, being an abbreviation for Search Engine Optimization, meaning: search engine optimization.

At the same time, the same abbreviation refers to people who practice this “profession”.

In the early days of the Internet, when there were only “a few” sites in total (actually a few million, compared to the over 20 billion currently estimated), search engines also appeared, which, although not at all sophisticated, indexed quite a bit. well the content of the web and were a starting point for browsing, thus representing an important source of traffic for websites.

At the same time, specialists realized the need for a conscious control in the process of increasing visibility in search engines, and this gave rise to a new science: SEO – search engine optimization, which aims to increase the quality traffic of a site.

The SEO services we offer are essentially the following:

SEO Google

Development and promotion that meets your needs, achieving, improving and maintaining the visibility of the site in the online environment. You can be the first on Google.

On-Page SEO

Develop marketing content that is also accessible to search engines. The WeSoftware team is ready to implement efficient solutions, using the best existing techniques.

Link Building

Link building is an essential element in an effective SEO strategy. We'll manage inbound links so that keywords targeted in Google gain value.

Why is SEO important?

SEO is important because it helps your business to be discovered in the huge galaxy “www”.

A good SEO is even more beneficial if it answers the most important questions of your potential customers, thus generating site visits and, at some point, acquisitions.